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Open-source Adventures Await!

We are an AT-COST service to help you reign in your technology. Create your own kingdom on your own server using exclusively open-source technology.

Free Tech

We are an early-stage startup and still in the team-building phase. So we’re giving away our service for FREE!

We will help you create your own kingdom on your own server using exclusively free and open-source technology.

To be dependent on Big Tech is to be at a disadvantage! Reign it all in through the power of open-source!

Create a Kingdom

Build a kingdom or business using free and open-source technology. Browse pre-built dojos or create your own AT-COST.

Spanning over 100 different professions and 195 different countries, there’s something for everyone.

Your server, your data, your kingdom.

Ultimate sandbox

From private clouds to photo storage, chat apps to wikis, websites, blogs, and much more. Put together things you never thought possible!

Fit dozens of services on a single server that costs less than $10/month. A fun and educational tool for people of all ages AND the ultimate sandbox for business-building!


Get your own free dashboard. A beautiful uncluttered space connected to your own domain.

Give your eyeballs a rest from ads and sponsored content. Put links to your most important apps and sites in one place.


Ever wondered what all the hype around open-source is about? Sign up for a Work Dojo and experience that “AHA” moment!

A complete digital toolkit and a constantly curated dashboard of relevant info for less than $10/month.

A bargain hunter’s dream and the ultimate technological canvas for creation and building things with others!


We have chat rooms for every country of the world and 100’s of different professions. Our mission is to bring more people to free and open-source technology. From anywhere in the world, for anyone in the world.

off the beaten path

Some of the wonders of open-source tech!

It’s FREE.

It’s safe.


It’s easy to deploy.

It gets better all the time.

It’s super educational.

AND a lot of fun!

Our process

Sign up for our free service and you’ll get a personalized invite to a chat session with a dojo concierge that can help you with many aspects of free and open-source technology:


We will share the ways in which you can put open-source tech to work for you.


We will curate documentation and relevant information related to your dojo and profession.


We will help you organize like never before with a suite of pre-built tools and apps customized just for you.


Get peace of mind as you navigate the wonderful world of open-source technology!

Open-source tech for lyricists

We are a proud partner of Work Dojos: a free at-cost service whose mission is to bring more people and small businesses to free self-hosted open-source technology.

For less than $10/mo at cost you can host your own server.

A “dojo” or “place of the way.” Your place. Your way.

Your server, your data, your kingdom.

Some of the best open-source apps in the world. Yours!

Our plans

We support small business because we are a small business.



per month

Free forever.



per month

Get your own open-source Dojo AT-COST!



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Enterprise and agency.